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The powerful wifi range extender strengthens and expands your existing signal into areas where it can't reach on its own, while reducing signal interference to ensure reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. Enhance your existing Wi-Fi coverage with this upgraded WiFi Extender, the best solution to extend Wi-Fi to hard-to-reach areas so far, so you can get at home or The office enjoys seamless wireless coverage. Also well suited as a WiFi extender signal booster for extending WiFi to iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Echo / Alexa devices, smart TVs, PCs, Samsung devices and more. Incredible coverage and speed. Two external antennas; equipped with two external antennas to extend the range of wireless routers and enhance WiFi signals, single-band design makes it easy to expand and enhance 2.4GHz networks, WiFi speed up to 300Mbps data transmission rate, coverage With an area of up to 800 square feet, it provides full signal coverage for your bedroom, floor, washroom, garage and garden, and the Ethernet port (10 / 100Mbps) allows the expander to act as a wireless adapter to connect to wired device. Secure encryption; with WPS, you can easily implement wireless encryption settings by simply pressing the WPS button, ensuring your network is secure, preventing others from stealing your network and proactively defending against threats. Fully-mounted WiFi extender for flexible processing and mobility! Super simple connection and practical WiFi extender.

Performance Specifications:

  • Added Wifi Coverage: Up To 800 sq.ft.
  • # of Connected Devices: Up to 10
  • Bandwidth: Single-Band Up To 300Mbps
  • Universal Router Compatibility: Yes
  • Dimensions: 2.60” x 2.10” x 1.30” inches
  • Weight: 3.17 ounces
  • Color: White